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Invitation to Tender: Green Obligations

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Clauses requiring that companies willing to contract with public bodies will have to offer volunteer opportunities on environmental projects to people who are unemployed.

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Why use this?

These clauses will:

- incentivise people who are not working to undertake volunteer work to improve the environment and mitigate climate change impacts; and

- incentivise companies responding to public tender invitations to provide volunteer opportunities to improve the environment and mitigate climate change impacts.

Public bodies may prioritise companies complying with these obligations.

How it promotes a net zero future

These clauses will:

- create opportunities to diversify people’s skills and scale-up communities' efforts to achieve Net Zero;

- create a cheaper workforce for governments and companies to tackle climate change; and

- ensure companies are committed and promote circular economy.

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The clause

Invitation to Tender Letter 

Contractor’s Obligations

1.1 The Contractor undertakes to implement a scheme under which it shall ensure that the following volunteers

a) retirees

b) job hunters

c) students

d) stay-at-home parents

e) former prisoners,

are involved in environmental work directly linked to the subject matter of the contract [for two months per year] (period will be determined by length of contract).

1.2 The Contractor shall utilise a number of volunteers equivalent to at least [10]% of the number of its employees which are assigned to this contract (minimum one volunteer).

1.3 The Contractor shall cover the expenses incurred by the volunteers to undertake the work.

1.4 The Contractor shall be responsible for advertising these volunteering opportunities.

Additional Definitions

Environmental work” means work that will improve the local or national environment or ecology including but not limited to, tree planting projects, clearing and rewilding derelict land, habitat creation, or projects to install energy efficiency measures.

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