Corporate Governance

The Chancery Lane Project’s (TCLP) Corporate Governance event series brings together key stakeholders and sector specialist lawyers to collaborate on drafting contract clauses that support companies in aligning their corporate governance with their net zero ambitions.

Lend us your expertise and help draft these clauses by registering your interest in joining this event series here.

Participants in the event series are invited to develop clauses under these principal themes:

  • Stakeholder Relationships
  • Public Disclosures, Transparency and Reporting
  • Objects and Purpose
  • Material Risks and Opportunities
  • Board Structure and Climate Accountability

You can attend any session as a standalone event, or all sessions for the comprehensive experience.

For more information about the event series, a summary of climate challenges affecting the sector and a list of further reading to help you reflect on possible solutions, read our Corporate Governance event series report.

Review TCLP’s existing Corporate Governance clauses and the specific areas they cover in this overview – to inspire ideas for new clauses and avoid duplication of existing content. You can also search for these clauses on the Model Clauses page of our website.

If you have any questions about this event series, please contact us.

How to join Sessions One and Two 

Join this TCLP Zoom Room a few minutes before each session. Events start promptly to maximise time for idea generation in Session One and clause development in Session Two.

Anyone can participate in our events, at any point. You do not need to be an expert in the practice area or industry being discussed, but before joining the events we ask that you:

  • Read our Corporate Governance event series report
  • Reflect on the climate challenges in the sector and potential solutions to them, in particular the focus areas identified in the report
  • Review our existing clauses so that your ideas propose opportunities for new drafting  and don’t duplicate existing content
  • Join the TCLP Slack channel to communicate with peers interested in this event. Find out how here

Anyone can participate in our events, at any point

You do not need to be legally qualified or an expert in the area being discussed. Some of our events may have certain attendance requirements, so please check the description for each event before signing up. Beyond that, all you need is the enthusiasm to engage with fellow participants and contribute your skills in developing the legal frameworks to fight climate change.

Session One: Generating ideas for clauses

9:30 - 11 am (BST)

  • Short presentation – brief overview of climate drafting opportunities aligned with the focus areas identified in our event report;
  • Five minute timed idea generation exercise in which you anonymously submit ideas for clauses, tagging your submission with one of the focus areas;
  • Group review and reflect on the submitted ideas;
  • Discursively explore the ideas and select ones to take forward, forming drafting teams to do so; and
  • Agree next steps for progressing the clause ideas in TCLP’s Drafting Outline document before Session Two. The Drafting Outline is where you research and flesh out the climate issue, your proposed solution to it and its potential impact, as well as the legal and environmental context.

Session Two: Developing the ideas for clauses

9:30 - 11 am (BST)

  • Receive feedback on your Drafting Outline from the group and come with any questions that you may need help with; and
  • Collaboratively refine the drafting brief and contextual research so that you are ready to begin drafting.

Clause submission deadline

  • Deadline for submitting drafted clauses to TCLP; and
  • After submission, the clauses undergo a rigorous peer review process by TCLP’s partner law firms and specialist editors, before being published as an open source knowledge resource on our website.