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Q. What happens when i submit an idea?

A. We may publish your ideas via our site or social media to show the idea has been received. We will collate ideas for the Event (Hack) day and will circulate these to participants. It will be up to participating teams on the Event (Hack) day to decide which ideas they wish to progress.


Q. Do I automatically get a place at the hack if I Donate my time?

A. We are anticipating a large number of time donations and as such cant guarantee everyone a place on the day. We will try to include as many people from as many different organisations and specialisms as possible.


Q. Are there other ways to get involved?

A. We anticipate that there will be other ways to get involved in the Project both before and after the Event (Hack) day. We will be looking at other events after the Event (Hack) to ensure we keep momentum going and promote its output. We will be in touch if there are other ways you can help. It goes without saying that promoting the Project in your organisations and on social media is invaluable. You can also host your own Chancery Lane Project event. See here for more details.


Q. Can my organisation sponsor the Project?

A. Yes. Please contact one of the steering group or submit a sponsorship enquiry as an idea.


Q. Is this a law society event?

A. No the Project is an independent event. The reference to Chancery Lane refers to the historic location of the legal profession in the UK.


Q. Will I have to pay to attend the Hack event?

A. We hope to have sponsors to cover the main costs for the event but may ask for a small donation to cover the days costs.

TCLP Logo (globe).png