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Host your own Chancery Lane Project event

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to attend the Project Event day (“Hack”) and that many firms, students and universities will want to run their own spin off events.   This is fantastic.  The more people and organisations involved the more impact we will achieve.  Together we must and can do more.

If you would like to align and connect your event to the Chancery Lane Project either before or after the main hack day then here is how to do it:

  1. Find a time and venue to host a collaborative problem-solving event.  Having a hack is just one way of organising this but hosting a workshop or seminar would also work. 

  2.  Invite a wide range of lawyers or law students not just those who are experts in environmental law.   Getting a wide and diverse perspective will lead to more innovation.  

  3.  If suitable, invite one or more external experts to bring different experience and insight.

  4.  Either ask your participants to think about:

    • The problems and solutions posed by the Project themes (see below); or

    • Reviewing, critiquing and improving the ideas, laws and contracts published by the Project.  (this could be both legal and socio economic for universities)

  5. The main problem the Project is trying to address is: how do we create the legal conditions to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees.?   These conditions can be created by contracts in the short term and statutes in the mid-long term.

  6.  There are many facets to this problem so think about the underlying issues for business and communities and how contracts and the law can be used to encourage them to shift to renewable electrical energy, reduce energy usage and create new carbon sinks (trees etc).

  7.  Write up your ideas, solutions and review into a short paper or table.   

  8.  Email your problems and ideas to [ ]  for inclusion in the project events. 

  9.  Where appropriate we will feed your submission into drafting at the Project hack days, disseminate them via social media, share with other project participants and generally add to the body of work.

  10.  Feel free to use the Project name and logo as part of your event if you wish to do so.  If you could just let us know in advance we can help you promote it via our social media channels.

  11.  Repeat

Ultimately you will know what will work best for your organisation and don’t worry if it doesn’t work exactly as you plan.  The convening of individuals, the ideas, output and conversation created is what matters.  

The Project Themes

The accepted solutions to climate change include electrification, renewable energy and carbon sinks.  In short, this can be driven through a greener economy and it is through that lens we will look at the new laws and contracts.   

We have created eight themes to focus our efforts and pose some of the problems we need to solve:

  1. Mobilising Green Finance - what are the tax and other laws that will accelerate green investment (in renewables and tree planting etc)?

  2. Contracts For the Future - what clauses do we need in our playbooks to mitigate climate change?

  3. Encouraging Green Living - what employment, property and other laws will encourage green living?

  4. Merging Public and Moral Duties - how do we embed the welfare of future generations into decision making?

  5. Overcoming Barriers - what is holding companies and communities back from becoming greener and how is this overcome through contracts and legal obligation?

  6. Companies of the Future - what company, tax and other laws are required to align businesses with the health of the planet?

  7. Accelerating Green Tech - how do we make it easier to create and adopt the innovations required to fight climate change?

  8. Following in our Footsteps - our catch all theme.  What other laws or legal levers that can encourage long term decision making to mitigate climate change and promote resilience to its effects?

To help you get started here are some ideas for laws and contractual clauses to address the themes.  You will seem some are small nudges in the right direction, and some are more radical.  You will know what is best for your event and audience, so it is up to you whether you want to consider these or not.   They are provided as ideas only and with the best of intentions. 

Law ideas

•       Procurement law changes to make the public sector buy more responsibly

•       Directors disqualification for denying climate change?

•       Make tying a consumer or business into a non green contract an “unfair contract term”

•       Require companies to show their purpose in articles

•       Mandate a B corps style article on social alignment

•       GDPR style fines for environmental negligence/breach

•       Mandatory accounting for natural capital

•       Tree planting incentive tariff – double tariff for dairy farmers who divest.  Encourage farmers to create natural capital

•       Compulsory tree planting orders for disused land

•       New roof top estate in land to make solar panel installation easier

•       Green lease provisions as prescribed terms in a lease

•       Climate impact part of audit

•       Zero VAT on bikes

•       Use lower employee tax/NI incentives to drive green behaviour

•       No community interest levy on EPC A builds

•       Lower business rates for energy efficient building

•       Flexible working request to include a reference to green commuting – also additional leave to drive rather than fly

•       Receive solar panels/energy efficiency improvements as part of the state pension

•       EIS, Investor and Entrepreneurs Relief only available for climate change mitigation businesses

•       Lower NI for plant-based diets

•       R&D tax credit only for climate change mitigation tech

•       Illegal to commute with one person in the car

•       SDLT natural capital premium - sliding scale linked to EPC of property

•       Distributable Reserves calculation for dividend declaration needs to account for natural capital available in carbon budget. 

•       GDPR exemption for data used to fight climate change

Contract Ideas

•       Supply Contracts - termination provisions to allow flexibility to cancel if better for the environment

•       JCT construction contact – contractors climate change obligations – have to opt out

•       Force Majeure – is climate change outside of our control

•       Employee gross misconduct for employees who accelerate climate change

•       Rewilding remedies in construction contracts

•       Third party rights clause – doesn’t exclude the planet/environment

•       Climate change warranties – use of renewable energy through supply chain

•       Tree planting as a Liquidated Damages remedy

•       UN SDG clauses in supply contracts


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