Generating ideas for clauses

The inception of drafting a new clause starts with an idea that meets an identified need.

We work together to identify elements of contractual law that if changed can make a big impact on climate change. We then generate new ideas for drafting that will realise these positive impacts. We do this together, supporting and encouraging everyone’s ideas.

Generating new ideas is all about creative, lateral thinking in a safe environment. We are drafting with a blank page with space to try new things. You will learn how to view your everyday work through a climate lens and bring your unique expertise to the challenge of drafting climate solutions.

Most of the idea generation is done at the start of our structured events series. However you can use TCLP resources and processes independently of the project to generate your own ideas.

Approach this activity by thinking of a climate issue and its legal solution. Think about the climate issues and solutions that apply to your own areas of expertise and interest. But keep it practical: the clause has to be something you can imagine being adopted in your day to day work. It is a good idea to get familiar with the sorts of clauses we already have here to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Beyond that, there are few limitations. 

This stage is about not letting perfect be the enemy of the good, being bold, and thinking outside the box. There will be plenty of opportunity later on to research, refine and receive expert feedback.

You will need:

  • A pen and post-its or paper;
  • A timer; and
  • A virtual meeting space (if generating ideas in a team).

How you do it:

  1. Set your timer for five minutes.
  2. Try to get down as many ideas as possible, summarising in a few words the climate issue and drafting solution.
  3. Submit your ideas via the submission form (given to you during the events that you attend).
  4. This form will upload your idea to a gallery (for participants’ use only and not for public consumption).
  5. Your facilitator will then show you the gallery wall, so that you can see your idea among others and take inspiration from the fact that everything starts with an idea.