Peer review

Once drafting is submitted, peer review will be undertaken by the TCLP core team and other appropriately qualified environmental and legal sector experts. Currently, external peer review is generally done by those able to coordinate firm-wide efforts, but we will also approach individual experts to participate where appropriate.

If you would like to be involved in the peer review process, either because you have specialist expertise or you are able to coordinate a firm-wide effort, please register your interest by emailing

The peer review process ensures that published content:

  • is technically correct and addresses relevant legislation, case law or sector precedents;
  • is coherent, properly referenced and well drafted;
  • strikes an appropriate balance between commercial reality and sufficient ambition to move the dial towards net zero; and
  • takes account of existing environmental law, policy and frameworks. 

We consider all peer review input and adjust the drafting accordingly during our editorial process. On occasion, we may come back to the peer reviewer with specific questions. The Chancery Lane Project maintains final editorial say for the version published in our playbooks and on our website.

All of our drafting is published anonymously. We acknowledge every firm who is involved with The Chancery Lane Project, but we do not attribute specific drafting to any individual or organisation. This encourages the collaborative and impact focussed nature of our work.

How you do it:

You (the peer reviewer) will need: the clauses sent to you by The Chancery Lane Project and the Peer Review Guidance Notes.

How you (the peer reviewer) do it: review, mark-up and comment on the clauses against the relevant criteria in accordance with the Peer Review Guidance Notes.