Climate Solutions IPR Licence

Vincent & George's Licence

The climate solutions IPR licence could be adopted by organisations who wish to take a more open approach to using IPR to contribute towards the generation and deployment of climate solutions.

Green IT/ Green Hardware/ Sustainable Data Centers

Andrea's Clause

This is a Green IT/ Hardware clause that requires companies to operate existing hardware in a more resource-efficient manner and to establish new concepts that make data centers more energy efficient.

Green Film Production Credits

Steve's Clause

This clause encourages the reduction of the carbon footprint of film production and raises public awareness of this in the credits.

Net Zero Sponsor Activation Clauses

Suse's Clause

This clause creates a net zero corporate outcome from a sponsorship agreement using the influence of the sponsored individual or organisation to have a positive impact on climate change.

Model Smart Mobility Data Sharing Clauses

Olga's Clause

These open-source data sharing agreement clauses can be used by cities across the EU within their standard form data sharing agreements to enable the development of the sustainable mobility sector.