Green Supply Agreement

Zoë and Bea’s Clause

Green procurement clauses and a checklist to make a standard supplier agreement focus on emissions across a value chain.

Supplier Environmental Threshold Obligations

Teddy's Clause

Insert at purchase warranties for environmental performance and continuous improvement obligations. This will build in long term environmental improvements and transparency into supply agreements.

Green Acquisition Obligations

Sienna's Clause

A Share Purchase / Asset Purchase Agreement clause requiring the purchaser to maintain/improve the target company's green credentials post acquisition, linked to payment from escrow if successful.

Net Zero Convertible Loan Note

Nozomi's Clause

Make the qualifying criteria for receiving finance conditional on setting a Net Zero target and reflecting those obligation in a convertible loan note instrument that incentives Net Zero performance.

Climate and Net Zero Due Diligence

Lola & Harry's DDQ

A due diligence questionnaire which asks the target company to provide information regarding a wide range of climate change-related issues going far beyond the standard compliance-focused questions.

Green Shareholders’ Agreement

Lauren's Clause

Amendments to a standard early stage shareholders’ agreement which allow investors to hold the company to account on climate issues and oblige all shareholders to support Net Zero.

Climate Purposed NDA Terms

Kaia's Clause

Additional provisions for standard mutual non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements (NDA) to ensure climate change and environmental issues are discussed at the outset of new commercial relationships.

Carbon Performance Clauses

Jessica's Clause

Include climate metrics for performance in all contracts. Provide a mechanism akin to liquidated damages for breaches with negative climate impacts, in the form of mandatory donations to non-profits.

Green Loan Starter Pack

Harrison's Clause

Green loan clauses that are aligned to the Green Loan Principles (as defined below) by reference to Loan Market Association (LMA) style drafting.