Green Supply Agreement

Zoë and Bea’s Clause

Green procurement clauses and a checklist to make a standard supplier agreement focus on emissions across a value chain.

Supplier Environmental Threshold Obligations

Teddy's Clause

Insert at purchase warranties for environmental performance and continuous improvement obligations. This will build in long term environmental improvements and transparency into supply agreements.

Green Acquisition Obligations

Sienna's Clause

A Share Purchase / Asset Purchase Agreement clause requiring the purchaser to maintain/improve the target company's green credentials post acquisition, linked to payment from escrow if successful.

Net Zero Target Supply Chain Cascade

Owen's Clause

Clauses that “back to back” or align a business’s net zero target with its supply chain and business partners, thus enabling the business to achieve its target or take control to achieve it.

Net Zero Convertible Loan Note

Nozomi's Clause

Make the qualifying criteria for receiving finance conditional on setting a Net Zero target and reflecting those obligation in a convertible loan note instrument that incentives Net Zero performance.

Low Carbon Arbitration Hearings

Mia's Clause

Clauses encouraging parties to arbitration to create all documents in electronic form and conduct all hearings remotely/virtually, where possible.

Supply Chain Emissions Scorecard

Maria's Scorecard

A pro forma scorecard to be incorporated into commercial agreements as a schedule, allowing supply-chain sustainability to be viewed through the lens of risk to business continuity