Construction Materials: Green Procurement

Tristan's Clause

A formal ‘Carbon Budget’ alongside the traditional Financial Budget for construction projects to incentivise industry participants to reduce GHG Emissions through use of more sustainable materials.

Green Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)

Toryn's Clause

Green AST clauses to give tenants a modest rental rebate for 'green' household management and give landlords the ability to invest in renewable energy installations while their rentals are occupied.

Net Zero Land Promotion

Rory's Clause

Amendments to standard land promotion agreements and precedents aimed at balancing climate change and environmental issues against maximising financial returns for the landowner and promoter.

Report on Title Climate Change Clauses

Marni's Clause

Where climate change risk searches are unavailable, standard climate change statements should be added to a report on title to make buyers aware of the future risks that may affect the property.

Securing Net Zero in Planning Development Projects

Evelyn & Ezra's Clause

Provide drafting resources to help local planning authorities gain confidence in requiring carbon neutral development as standard in their areas through policy, planning conditions and obligations.

Green Residential Lease

Emma's Clause

Covenants in the leasehold agreement/ lease to require the occupier to operate a new-build flat to its maximum energy efficiency and abide by rules concerning recycling/ composting/ maintenance.

Climate-resilient Landscape Design Contracts

Edgar's Clause

Insert a clause into landscape architect appointments and/or building contracts requiring the appointee to utilise the available open space in an environmentally efficient manner.