International transpositions update: Process and documents

TCLP’s international transpositions project sets out to make TCLP clauses, which were initially drafted for England and Wales, relevant and usable in jurisdictions around the world. 

Updated transpositions process

TCLP has recently amended and refreshed the process for transposing a TCLP clause:

  1. Form a transpositions team
  2. Kick-off meeting
  3. Choose TCLP clauses to transpose
  4. Write the transposed clauses and user notes
  5. Name the transposed clause
  6. Peer review
  7. Independent quality assurance
  8. Submit to TCLP for publication

The main addition is the ‘independent quality assurance’ step. 

As a final step, the independent quality assurance stage requires all transposed clauses to be reviewed by an independent legal professional (the Final Reviewer). This ensures that the clauses meet a sufficient standard for publication.  

Updated and new transpositions documents

To reflect the updated process, TCLP has updated its existing transpositions documents and finalised a new suite of transpositions documents. 

The new documents include: 

  • Transpositions starter packthis is a comprehensive guide of the transpositions process. It sets out all the steps to follow and the resources an individual needs to set up a team and start transposing TCLP clauses for use in their jurisdiction. 
  • Transpositions drafting template – this is a new bespoke template which must be used by transpositions teams to write their clauses and the accompanying user notes. 
  • Independent quality assurance instructions and checklist – these are instructions for Final Reviewers to follow when completing independent quality assurance. 

Get involved

To get involved in and stay up to date with TCLP’s international transpositions project: