Key takeaways and recording from Climate Week NYC 2022 panel

TCLP hosted a pioneering panel discussion at Climate Week NYC 2022 last week, to inspire lawyers and business leaders across the US to start climate contracting – now.

The message we got back was clear – the American market is definitely starting to move.

Watch the panel discussion here and read the key takeaways from our panelists below.

Sabin Center founder Michael Gerrard shared four key pillars for lawyers and clients:

  • Decarbonise your electricity supply
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Electrify what currently uses fossil fuels
  • Capture carbon

Salesforce: “The very first step is to line up the leadership.”

GT Law: “Environmental lawyers often come to the table too late in the negotiation, so one of the things that is fantastic about TCLP is the opportunity to join that conversation early and help make clauses that work.”

Allen and Overy: “All of us in the transactional space are going to see increasing demand for making sure we get the language right; making sure we understand what commitments parties are making, that they are verifiable, and what the remedies are for the breach.” 

Practical Law: “We are creating content globally now, and allowing contracting that goes on globally to reflect the need for climate clauses. We have TCLP clauses in almost 200 of our resources, and it’s growing.”

You can be a part of Climate Week NYC too, by joining TCLP and sharing these takeaways with your contacts, clients and colleagues, to help respond to the climate crisis and move towards net zero.