New Built Environment Clauses

We have released five new built environment clauses, providing contract solutions to a number of climate issues.

Tomas’ Disclosure Checklist provides additional disclosures on climate change risks and green lease provisions in the City of London Law Society (CLLS) Certificate of Title (CoT). Including these voluntary disclosures in the standard form CoT informs investors on environmental and climate issues that may affect the long term value of the property.

Lotta’s Clause reduces emissions for landlords and tenants by ensuring that electricity procured by a landlord or a tenant for a leasehold property is generated by renewable energy. Lotta’s Clause should be a fundamental part of their strategy to reach net zero.

Hannah’s Clause amends service charge provisions for commercial leases to allow landlords to include the costs of improving the environmental performance of a building in the service charge costs and reuse materials or use recycled or reclaimed materials where possible.

Olivia’s Clause can be used with FIDIC’s standard form conditions for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts (the FIDIC Silver Book). The clause obliges contractors to act sustainably and there is also an option to cascade those obligations to subcontractors.

Madhavi’s Clause adapts sustainable practices and net zero aligned provisions in TCLP’s construction clauses for modern methods of construction (MMC) contracts.

Contact us to let us know how you will use these clauses to deliver a climate positive impact for your clients and the planet!