New Just Transition Resources

We have launched a new suite of resources to help you write and negotiate contracts for a just transition to a decarbonised and equitable economy. The new resources provide a practical starting point for contracting professionals to:

(1) reflect just transition considerations in legal documents to ensure that the transition to a decarbonised economy is just and the burden of responding to the climate crisis is not placed onto those least able to bear it; and

(2) align climate transition plans and actions with just transition principles. 

The new resources are:

We have also updated our net zero dashboard and net zero drafting checklist to integrate just transition considerations into your net zero contracting.  

“A just transition that moves us away from extractive economies requires a shift in societal policies, laws and norms. The very reality of our economic and ecological crisis insists that lawyers are proactively involved in the demand for a sustainable future. In this way, TCLP’s materials provide an essential and indispensable resource from which lawyers can begin to learn and adapt their practices accordingly.”

Didi Murray, Consultant Strategy, Policy, Law at Climates Australia Ltd – Founder at dpm Consulting.

“Whilst the immediacy of the need to address climate change is a shared issue, at an individual level, it will always be difficult to put that above the need to feed your family or heat your home. Empowering individuals and communities to be an active part of the energy and climate transition, and to share in the opportunities created, is a necessary component of its success.”

Sarah Ellington, Partner at Watson Farley & Williams LLP.