New Land & Agriculture Clauses

We have released three new Land Use & Agriculture Clauses, on soil preservation, landowner collaboration and regenerative farming.

Orli’s Clause: Conservation covenant for soil preservation and enhancement

With this clause, landowners can preserve and enhance soil on private, non-agricultural land. Soil can be managed to mitigate climate change and enhance biodiversity. Landowners can also secure obligations from a developer relating to biodiversity net gain or carbon offsetting. 

William’s Clause: Heads of Terms for Landowner Collaboration on Environmental Schemes 

This clause allows two or more landowners to pool resources and enter a scheme or private project to improve the environmental benefits of the land and maximise profits. It also provides institutional investors with larger land parcels and diverse flora, fauna and habitat to offset their environmental impact. 

Helen’s Clause: Promotion of Regenerative Farming Methods through Profit of Pasturage Agreements

With this clause, landowners retain control over their land to safeguard long-term soil value, whilst still receiving an income from grazing rights. Grantees access well maintained grazing land without the commitment of a full tenancy.