New supply chain clauses released!

The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) has published seven more supply chain climate clauses to help organisations achieve net zero emissions in their value chains.

TCLP’s latest release of supply chain climate clauses increases their total to 100 clauses. This is a significant milestone for the project and provides vital support for legal professionals looking to implement their organisation’s net zero targets.

TCLP has created a new ‘supply chain’ practice area search on its climate clauses web page so that the supply chain clauses are quick and easy to find. All of TCLP’s supply chain clauses are available online here.

For many organisations, the majority of their emissions are produced outside of their own operations by their supply chains. Using these clauses encourages suppliers to join an organisation’s net zero journey and helps to tackle scope 3 emissions.

The new clauses cover further topics and practice areas, from water use to sustainable land use, and include:

  • Runa’s Clause: Ensuring food produce is not wasted throughout a supply chain, this clause helps organisations achieve their sustainability goals, including reducing GHG emissions.
  • Rowen’s Clause: This clause and self-assessment questionnaire can be inserted into supply chain contracts to enable parties to better understand GHG emissions from land use.
  • Matilda’s Annex: A short annex to be attached to any supply agreement, this net zero standard cascades GHG reporting and reduction obligations through supply chains to meet net zero targets and reduce scope 3 emissions.

The supply chain clauses will be explored further in TCLP’s Net Zero Climate Contract events. The upcoming November workshops cover shipping, land and agriculture/water and insurance. Sign up for the workshops here.