TCLP launches ‘Built Environment’ project

The building and construction industries have a huge impact on the climate – accounting for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions. The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP), together with Laudes Foundation, believe that innovation, reform and collaboration can create a regenerative and inclusive built environment that prioritises decarbonisation and wellbeing in the spaces where we live, learn, work and play.

TCLP has launched an ambitious Built Environment project to reflect the huge potential for innovative and practical contractual clauses to effect significant change in the sector. When targeted at key intervention points, these clauses will enable industry actors at all levels to move significantly towards achieving their net zet zero targets.

In brief, the project goals within the built environment are to:

  • identify key intervention points where targeted climate drafting can effect significant change;
  • enable high profile actors, and the supply chains they are a part of, to realise their net zero commitments through climate contracting;
  • work with and mobilise participants who specialise in the built environment to develop new contract clauses, extending the coverage of our existing content;
  • promote and support clause use across all built environment actors in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the UK; and
  • provide examples of TCLP clause use as a resource to inform policy development by organisations working to shape policy at national and supranational levels.

TCLP are building partnerships with key built environment stakeholders to further the goals outlined above. If you or your organisation would like to get involved, contact