Update: Net zero drafting checklist

We have updated our net zero drafting checklist, part of our Net Zero Toolkit. The checklist is a framework for lawyers who are writing and negotiating net zero and net zero related concepts into their contracts. We have updated the checklist by:

  • Adding introductory paragraphs to explain how to use the note as a practical tool for aligning contracts with net zero.
  • Reflecting the new Race to Zero membership criteria.
  • Updating the text to reflect our clear drafting principles and TCLP house style guide.

The checklist can be used as a standalone aid to drafting, or in conjunction with our net zero dashboard to assess how aligned a contract is with net zero.

Access the checklist as:

  • A Google document here
  • A Word document here, and
  • A PDF here.

For guidance on using the checklist, book a 1:1 clinic with the TCLP team.