Updates to [Casper’s Clause] Sustainability-Linked Loans

[Casper’s Clause] Sustainability-Linked Loans incorporates the Loan Market Association’s (LMA’s) May 2020 Sustainability Linked Loan Principles into a standard loan agreement (rather than a green one).

In doing so, Casper’s Clause mainstreams sustainability into lending, supporting lenders and borrowers to achieve their decarbonisation targets and mobilising finance to support the transition to a decarbonised economy.

What has changed?

  • A team of subject matter peer reviewers have substantially rewritten the clause to reflect market developments in sustainable lending and align it with the Loan Market Assocation’s guidance on SLPs in May 2020, as updated in February 2023.
  • Stylistic changes have been made to reflect our clear drafting principles and TCLP house style guide.