We are recruiting a Director of Engagement!

We are recruiting a Director of Engagement! 

Apply for this role here. Applications will be accepted until 9am on 18 August 2023.


  • The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) is the largest network of lawyers and business leaders using commercial contracts to deliver rapid decarbonisation globally. 
  • We are seeking a full time Director of Engagement to join this dynamic and fast-moving project as it begins to scale globally.
  • The successful candidate will have unrivalled experience, combining passion for action with professionalism, tackling the complex systemic issues of climate change using powerful, pragmatic contract solutions.
  • Read more about TCLP in our Information Pack and our plans in our summary strategy.

Employment arrangements 

  • Start date: ASAP.
  • Salary: £75,000 – £90,000 p.a. depending on experience.
  • This is a full time permanent role.
  • Remote working.
  • Candidates must be UK-based (you will be asked to provide evidence of your right to work in the UK if you are invited to interview).
  • 25 days holiday p.a. plus public holidays.

TCLP is a family friendly and inclusive organisation.

About the role 

  • The director of engagement will lead our behaviour change, engagement and communications efforts to realise large-scale behaviour change in the economy’s major actors, and the legal sector that serves them, so that integrating climate contracting methods into the contracts that govern their activities becomes the norm.
  • You’ll build a team and be part of a fast moving and growing global organisation.

Job Description 

Responsibilities include: 

Exploring how behavioural science can help us achieve our mission

  • Explore integrating key psychological and behavioural science principles into our strategy and across all aspects of our work.
  • Build networks and affinity groups of legal and business professionals that will help us deliver our ambition with the least resources and in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Create social structures that incentivise participants to join, take action, stay in, actively participate in, and then advocate for these social structures across their networks.

Leading communications and corporate engagement

  • Develop, deliver and continuously improve TCLP’s communications and engagement strategies and articulate these strategies to key stakeholders as well as the TCLP team. This will find expression in overseeing and reviewing activities including print media, web content, and producing videos and podcasts.
  • Be accountable for assisting other parts of TCLP with developing their own engagement strategies.
  • Ensure all staff contribute to developing, delivering and continuously improving TCLP’s communications and engagement strategies, and deliver their communications and engagement work to the highest standards in a manner aligned with TCLP’s culture, and its strategic aims.
  • Lead our communications efforts across our own channels, and in earned media, which is both mainstream and sector specific.
  • Lead the use of social media to deliver the network effects identified as necessary to achieve large-scale behaviour change.
  • Develop, lead and continuously improve our efforts to support participants to continuously increase their climate contracting ambition through the development of a learning programme.

Management and leadership

  • Take an active part in the senior management of the organisation, as well as developing, delivering and continuously improving TCLP’s strategy. 
  • Work with the director of experience design and digital to ensure that engagement strategies and activities are user centred and designed to optimise our impact. 
  • Create a framework for the TCLP teams engaging with our priority audiences. The framework will set out your vision for our engagement strategy, sequencing of work and a work plan for TCLP teams active in communications and engagement activities.
  • Measure and report on our impact in a manner aligned with TCLP’s strategic aims and our culture.
  • Manage all communications and engagement staff including the head of impact, impact managers, the communications manager and learning team.


  • Input into fundraising and funder reporting as needed.
  • Other activities commensurate with the role and seniority of role in the organisation.

Person specification

The successful candidate will be a self-starter, who is passionate about sustainability and making a difference on climate change. 

Specifically, the candidate will have the following attributes:

  • A good understanding of how to apply the psychology and behavioural science related to effecting large-scale behaviour change, in general and how it relates to the climate crisis. This may come through experience in campaigning, marketing, behaviour change or other careers. 
  • Be able to lead our communications and corporate engagement efforts.
  • Be an exceptional people manager, as you’ll need to build a multi-disciplinary team to help achieve these goals.
  • Be able to lead in how we measure and evaluate the success of activities to affect large-scale behaviour change. 
  • Be exceptionally organised. You’ll have strong project management skills, be able to prioritise and work in an agile way (iteratively improving with learning from regular feedback loops.
  • Create and input into strategy in your area of expertise to deliver impact.

You will also have the following attributes:

  • Strategic abilities and creativity (meaning, the ability to: keep TCLP’s strategic aims front and centre in your work and to use your creativity and lateral thinking to come up with innovative solutions that deliver our strategy).
  • Understanding of and passion for taking action to deliver real change in the climate crisis.
  • Empathy, compassion and the ability to enable the full potential of others.
  • Independent thinking and passion for learning.
  • Agility and adaptability (specifically, the ability to: be comfortable with a high degree of variety in your role and accept when a course of action is not delivering the desired impact and pivot so that it does).
  • Collegiality and inclusivity.