Race to Zero

How to use contracts in the Race to Zero

The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) is a pro bono initiative that supports legal, business and sustainability professionals to draft and use climate-aligned contractual clauses, as part of their use of contracts across all aspects of their work.

For COP26 our aim is to support Race to Zero participants to develop and use Net Zero aligned contracts as part of their commitments to realising their Net Zero ambitions.

All clauses are published for free on our website. All our support is free to access.

Contracts govern much of human activity across every sector of the economy. They can be used by Race to Zero participants to create, implement and hold parties accountable when realising their Net Zero ambitions.

The Chancery Lane Project can offer Race to Zero participants the support, advice and guidance required to realise the huge potential that contracts have to meet the Race to Zero ambition of a healthy, resilient zero carbon future.

TCLP will be launching over 100 climate-aligned clauses with a range of tools to assist in their use, as a Net Zero Toolkit on 29th September.

We are offering to run workshops for Race to Zero Partners and their members between 1st October and 12th November to help members to understand how climate clauses can be used throughout their business to realise their Net Zero ambitions.  

TCLP workshops will help members to plan actions towards achieving pledges throughout the business and internal governance, rendering them legally binding on themselves and others so as to embed each pledge and plan as independently verifiable obligations. Implementing climate clauses is an immediate action that members can proceed with to drive the creation of a Net Zero culture. Contracts can include robust requirements to publish annual progress and verification and will strengthen leadership practices throughout member organisations and every aspect of their external relationships.

To find out more visit The Chancery Lane Project’s website or contact our director of engagement, Becky Annison.