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Change the world by an Idea

Help us define the problems, re-wire the laws and invent the contracts. Please use the form below to submit the problems you have identified as well as ideas for new laws and contractual clauses. Your ideas will shape the structure and content of the Project Event Days.

No idea is a bad idea and to quote Sir David Attenborough “we cannot be radical enough”.

All ideas are submitted subject to out Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

As a reminder here are the 8 Project Themes:

  1. Mobilising Green Finance - what are the tax and other laws that will accelerate green investment?

  2. Contracts for the Future - what clauses do we need in our playbooks to fight climate change?

  3. Encouraging Green Living - what employment, property and other laws will encourage green living?

  4. Merging Public and Moral Duties - how do we embed the welfare of future generations into decision making?

  5. Overcoming Barriers - what is holding companies and communities back from becoming greener and how is this overcome?

  6. Companies of the Future - what company, tax and other laws are required to align businesses with the health of the planet?

  7. Accelerating Green Tech - how do we make it easier to create and adopt the innovations required to fight climate change?

  8. Following in our Footsteps - our catch-all theme. What other laws or legal levers can encourage long term decision making in order to fight climate change and promote resilience to its effects?

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