Just transition resources

The tools on this page help you understand the core principles of a just transition and how to apply them in practice when negotiating and writing legal documents. 

If you are new to The Chancery Lane Project and looking for the best place to begin, start with Introducing Climate Clauses.

Just transition in climate clauses - a practical guide

A practical guide on how to: 

  • reflect just transition considerations in legal documents, and 
  • align organisational climate transition plans with just transition principles. 

You can access this guide as: 

  • A Google document here
  • A Word document here, and
  • A PDF here.

Just transition issues in climate transition plans (CTPs) and climate contracting

This graphic summarises the key points in our practical guide.

Download this as a PDF. To view it in full screen click the ‘expand’ arrows in the bottom-right of the frame.

Net zero dashboard

This dashboard charts the composite elements of net zero targets (scope, warming, timing, offsetting, governance, just transition, climate policy engagement) across levels of increasing ambition. Find it here.

Net zero drafting checklist

This checklist is a framework for writing or negotiating net zero concepts in contracts. It can be used as a standalone tool or with our net zero dashboard. Find it here.