Net zero transition map [beta]

TCLP’s net zero transition map gives a high level overview of issues to consider to implement a company’s net zero target. Focussing on governance, employment practices, products or services, and  financing, the map highlights how teams in every area of the business should incorporate those targets. The map explains that to drive change, net zero targets should flow through an organisation so that zero carbon solutions and work practices are adopted and embedded into company culture.

We have published this tool in beta and would appreciate your feedback as to how to develop it further. Please contact Humzah Khan to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements.

You can access this document:

  • Via Lucidchart here, and
  • As a PDF here.

Plans for later versions of the map include:

  • Addition of relevant clauses to each map element
  • Prioritisation of map elements based on potential for impact on GHGs
  • Grouping, and prioritisation, of map elements by scopes 1, 2 and 3, and
  • Developing accompanying discussion notes to aid the user accessing and then using TCLP clauses