Episode 4 of our in-house podcast is now available!

Episode 4 of Contracts for the Climate, the TCLP podcast, is out now.

In this episode, our host Rebecca Annison and guests Owen Collins from Matheson and Tabitha Gould and Isobel Annan from Burges Salmon, explore Ayshe’s Clause. 

Ayshe’s Clause obliges suppliers of renewable energy technology to lower their carbon emissions, minimise environmental impact and safeguard against modern slavery.

Owen, Tabitha and Isobel discuss: 

  1. The climate and human rights issues that Ayshe’s Clause addresses.
  2. Why it is so important that we hold renewable energy suppliers to the same standards as any other construction project.
  3. How the clause’s flexibility makes it applicable to all parties in renewable energy supply chains.

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