New case study: Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Cambridge University Press & Assessment (Cambridge), a world leader in assessment, education, research and academic publishing, uses climate clauses to align net zero targets throughout its value chain. Adapting Owen’s Clause (a net zero target supply chain cascade clause) helps them deliver their target of a 72% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. Cambridge has used this in approximately 20 contracts to date, including with some of its highest value suppliers of printing services globally. 

Owen’s Clause requires that a business and its supplier work together to:

  • Achieve the mutual aim of reducing carbon emissions.
  • Create an ambitious net zero plan.
  • Consider climate risks. 
  • Educate the workforce within the supply chain.

By using Owen’s Clause, Cambridge aligned their net zero targets with those of their value chain. Cascading net zero obligations through a value chain accelerates the rate of change in the economy and means that net zero targets become commonplace. If they are commonplace, they will become easier and faster to deliver.

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