TCLP launch new-look Glossary

TCLP is delighted to unveil its new Glossary – offering lawyers nearly twice as many terms as the original.  

The updated version introduces 20 new glossary terms – all peer reviewed and provided for free – relating to climate science and the discourse around net zero. 

There is also an exciting new redesign to the Glossary web page, making it easier for you to spot and access the terms you need.  

The updated Glossary is now live:

The Glossary provides legal definitions that lawyers can use when contracting for climate in legal documents and transactions. 

The new-look design gives you:

  • 73 glossary entries: standard climate-related definitions to help you draft climate-aligned contracts;
  • an alphabetical sorter to help you find glossary terms quickly;
  • free text filtering; and
  • improved layout of the glossary terms and accompanying user notes. 

The redesign has been inspired by the TCLP community, with lawyers sharing their user-feedback on how the original glossary could be improved. CMS collaborated with TCLP on the project; researching and writing the new terms. In line with TCLP’s publishing standards, the new terms were then peer reviewed and quality controlled by senior lawyers across the TCLP community. 

Becky Clissmann, Managing Director of TCLP said: “Our glossary is a vital resource that helps the legal sector to rewire contracts to deliver net zero targets. We are delighted to have worked with CMS to deliver this resource and to demonstrate the collaborative drafting approach that TCLP adopts.”