Updated guidance: Writing contracts for net zero – definitions and sample wording

We have updated our Writing contracts for net zero – definitions and sample wording guidance. Find the updated document on our net zero implementation tools page.

What is this guidance?

This document is an alphabetical list of common net zero concepts and terms re-written as defined terms for lawyers to use in contracts and other legal documents. It also contains example wording for the most common provisions used in net zero contracting.

Why use it?

Use this document with our Net Zero Dashboard and Net Zero Checklist to deliver best practice when contracting for net zero.

What has changed?

Title: It was previously called ‘Net zero drafting – definitions & sample wording’.

Net Zero Transition Plan: We have updated the definition of Net Zero Transition plan to reflect best practice guidance and recommendations by the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT).

The TPT was launched by HM Treasury in April 2022 to develop the gold standard for private sector climate transition plans applicable to the UK, but globally transferable. In November 2022, the TPT published draft recommendations for a Disclosure Framework, and accompanying Implementation Guidance for consultation. We have reflected this guidance in our updated definition of Net Zero Transition Plan.

Stylistic changes: Other changes have been made to reflect our clear drafting principles and to align this document with TCLP house style guide.