Maintaining our publications

Are you looking for a quick, easy way to get involved with TCLP?

The activities below are ideal for those who are short on time but keen to contribute their industry expertise, legal or language skills.

Updates, improvement, adaptation and translation are all invaluable to maximising the impact of published TCLP material.

Net Zero Amendments

Can you help raise the net zero ambition of our climate clauses and Glossary terms to help us create our ‘Net Zero Toolkit’ for 2021? If you would like to help, follow the steps below:

No prior experience or specific practice expertise is required, but you may wish to attend a community call to see how we analyse clauses using our Net Zero Dashboard.


Following the clause adaptation exercise, can you adapt an existing clause to a different practice area? If you would like to help, follow the steps below:

Updates, improvements and translation

  • UpdatesCan you help to keep our clauses and Glossary terms up-to-date to reflect legal, commercial and environmental changes?
  • ImprovementsOnce you have used our clauses or completed ‘Using Climate Clauses’ exercises, can you suggest improvements to the clause or ‘sell-in’ tips to add to the accompanying user manual in order to make clauses more impactful, commercial and accessible?
  • TranslationCould you translate our clauses for use in your jurisdiction?

If you would like to help, follow the steps below: