About The Chancery Lane Project

Who we are

The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) is a collaborative initiative of international legal and industry professionals whose vision is a world where every contract enables solutions to climate change.

What we do

Together, we create new, practical contractual clauses ready to incorporate into law firm precedents and commercial agreements to deliver climate solutions.

We then work with lawyers to ensure effective and impactful implementation of the clauses across industries, practice areas and jurisdictions.

We have launched our Net Zero Toolkit, a collection of clauses, glossary terms and tools which enable lawyers to align their work with a decarbonised economy, and a safe and habitable planet for us all.

Our core principles

  • Independent of any professional body or practice
  • Politically neutral
  • All our content is free to use
  • Collaboration and cross fertilisation across sectors
  • A safe space to innovate, as drafting is unattributable to individual firms or lawyers

How you can get involved

Change the precedent, change the world!

Team members

Matthew Gingell

Chair and Founder

Ben Metz

Executive Director

Becky Clissmann

Chief Legal Officer

Ellie Mulholland

Steering Group

Becky Annison

Director of Comms and Engagement

Simone Potter

Director of Programmes

Justine Heap

Operations and People Manager

Phoebe Roberts

Director of Implementation and Co-Lead APAC

Charlotte Turner

Co-Lead APAC

Krishan Nursimooloo

Community Network Manager

Scott Jones

Communications Manager

Clarissa Lambourne

Senior Project Associate

Humzah Khan

Project Associate

Leonie Brabant

Project Associate

Josh van den Dries

Project Associate

Aspen Golding

Project Administrator

Alice Turner

Operations Assistant

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