Work on the biggest challenge of our time

Contracts govern the entire global economy, and changing these contracts is one of the fastest ways of tackling the climate crisis.

Joining us means you’ll work with a growing number of organisations, governments and legal professionals around the world, committed to reducing the impact of climate change. We support them by publishing open-source content, building networks of practitioners and advising them on how to use legal documents and processes to reduce emissions.

Before TCLP, my whole career had been in big corporate law firms. I’d always had great colleagues, but I really wanted to turn up to work every day caring more deeply about the actual work I was doing, but without “throwing away” all of my legal expertise. Working at TCLP is the perfect way to balance the two: I love that I can use my sector knowledge, experience and network for something more meaningful, by joining a talented team in the global fight against climate change.

About us

Diverse perspectives, deep expertise and collaborative working are central to our success. Our multidisciplinary team brings together people from a number of different professions; from law, engagement and comms through to digital, research and operations.

We spend a lot of our lives at work, so we want everyone to feel safe and that they belong here. We are always learning what people need to feel welcome and valued, and ways we can remove biases and barriers.

People are able to bring their whole selves to work and not hide the fact that they’re a carer or parent, or have a particular passion outside of work that might sometimes take them away from work. There’s no presenteeism or face-time culture here; we care about impact and because we hire the best people, we know they’ll achieve this impact in a way that works for the team as well as for their life more holistically.

How we work

We work flexibly and remote

We highly value flexibility in work, recognising its importance in promoting work-life balance and fostering a supportive and adaptable work environment. We provide the autonomy and the tools our people need to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the UK. We empower our employees to manage their time and work in a way that best suits their personal and professional needs. To achieve this, we practice clear communication, trust and collaboration to ensure that flexibility doesn’t compromise productivity. We also recognise that remote working is not for everyone, so provide all staff the option of using an office or co-working space.

We trust you to do your job well, and are here to support you

With a hands-off approach to management by default, we trust employees to take ownership of their tasks and make informed decisions that align with their expertise and responsibilities. We build and maintain this approach through regular and open communication, whilst being ready to actively support each other when we need it.

I think what I love most about working at TCLP is the amazing social and working culture the team has created. There’s a lot of collaboration and rich discussion but also a respect for the need to focus deeply on complex ideas. Socially, everyone gets on well and it’s a close knit team with a flat hierarchy, where we genuinely want to hear views from every team member who wants to share.

What you’ll receive in return

  • Flexible working and a culture that genuinely places family and a work-life balance first.
  • A commitment to professional development opportunities.
  • We’re interested in the quality of your work and the impact you have on decarbonisation, not presenteeism.
  • The opportunity to use your specialist knowledge, skills, and experience to take meaningful action for climate and do work that aligns with your values.
  • The opportunity to network widely with critical decision-makers and stakeholders in significant organisations across the global business and legal community.
  • An 8% employer pension contribution, and a 4% employee contribution.
  • A cash health plan.
  • An Employee Assistance Programme.
  • 25 days holiday per year plus public holidays, and the option of additional holidays to encourage sustainable travel.
  • Fully remote working. With the option of using an office or co-working space anywhere near you, for up to three days per week, as we understand some individuals enjoy a change of scenery and working from an office.
  • IT equipment and modern tools that let you get on with your job, such as Slack, and Google Suite.
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