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In June 2021, LexisNexis UK published The Chancery Lane Project’s (TCLP) clauses and definitions for the first time in its practical guidance product LexisPSL

What do TCLP clauses deliver for LexisNexis?

This is part of an initial pilot in its continuous effort to make TCLP precedents available in its database. LexisNexis published the following:

How did TCLP help LexisNexis get here?

TCLP’s climate clauses and Glossary were useful sources of reliable high-quality content. As a result, LexisNexis also decided to include TCLP’s name in the title of each clause. This way LexisNexis’ customers will find the sustainability definitions and clauses when they search by the keyword “The Chancery Lane Project”.      

What changes have the TCLP clauses made? 

The publication of the sustainability clauses and definitions in LexisNexis’ database responded to an increasing customer demand for this type of content. It has made the drafting available to the company’s customers, who use the database as a source of precedents and templates.    

What are the key takeaways? 

  • TCLP clauses and definitions are a reliable source of precedents for legal knowledge providers. 
  • It is possible to publish TCLP content on a rolling basis, either as stand-alone clauses or by incorporation into existing precedents. 
  • Minor or more substantial amendments to the clauses and definitions help knowledge providers tailor TCLP content for their customers. 

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