Francis' Clause

Climate Aligned Construction Waste Management

Contractual obligations in respect of the usage of materials and waste management to ensure consequential GHGs are minimised.

Jurisdiction: England & Wales

What this clause does

Imports climate-aligned waste management practices into traditional and design and build construction contracts.


[Drafting note: Capitalised terms relate to either a defined term in this clause or a defined term in the main agreement that this clause is designed to be inserted into.]

1. Site waste management

1.1. The Contractor shall ensure materials are managed efficiently and Waste Materials (which cannot be converted to Diverted Waste) are disposed of in accordance with [the Law/ Statutory Requirements]. [Drafting note: Note that some Diverted Waste will still be waste and so will also need to be handled/ managed/ transported in accordance with the same statutory requirements as those which apply to waste sent to landfill/ incineration.]

1.2. The Contractor shall use best endeavours to minimise any Waste Materials and to turn Waste Materials into Diverted Waste where possible and in accordance with [the law/statutory requirements].

1.3. The Contractor shall where possible propose amendments to the Works which, if instructed as a Change, may result in a reduction of Waste Materials in carrying out the Works or the Completed Works.

1.4. The Contractor shall undertake the Works in accordance with the Site Waste Management Plan.

1.5. The Contractor shall ensure that the Site Waste Management Plan is kept up to date throughout the Project and, where a Change is instructed, the Contractor shall, after consultation with the Employer’s Agent, update the Site Waste Management Plan where necessary and provide it to the Employer for approval.

1.6. The Contractor shall ensure that original waste transfer notes are retained and delivered to the Employer on a monthly basis so that they can be included in the Health and Safety File.

1.7. The Contractor shall provide to the Employer all information that the Employer reasonably requests regarding the environmental disposal of Waste Materials.


[Schedule/ Appendix/ Annex [●]]

[Download Precedent Project Waste Management Plan from website.]

[Drafting note: As at publishing the 2015 template is listed on the UK government website as withdrawn. Users should check for an updated version. One example can be found at page 98 of this Outline Waste Management Plan (September 2018).]


Diverted Waste means all Waste Materials that are recycled, reused, salvaged, composted or otherwise diverted from landfills or incineration.

Site Waste Management Plan means the site waste management plan in the form set out at [Schedule/ Appendix/ Annex []] (approved by the Employer acting reasonably and without delay).

Waste Materials means spoil, waste, rubbish, debris, materials or goods or surplus materials generated by or used in undertaking the Works that are not incorporated into the Works at practical completion.


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