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Green Film Production Credits

Lewi's Clause

A clause in production agreements obliging video/film production companies to disclose the carbon footprint generated by the production of the video/film in the credits.

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Why use this?

This is a boilerplate clause that parties would voluntarily include in production agreements, for similar reasons that companies and authorities around the world disclose their own carbon footprints: to protect and improve a company’s reputation, boost competitive advantage, get ahead of regulation, uncover risks and opportunities, and track and benchmark progress. Simultaneously, the Clause increases public awareness of carbon footprints.

The Clause would feature in film/video production agreements. For example, it could be included in a Production / Finance / Distribution agreement between a studio and a production company.

How it promotes a net zero future

The Clause will result in an increase in carbon literacy by the general public.

With the TV industry’s assistance, the public would have greater awareness of climate change, the carbon impact of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce footprints. Comparing and measuring carbon footprints could become a topic of everyday discussion. This may also result in greater transparency and scrutiny of corporate sustainability practices and policies, and ultimately the reduction in emissions of individuals and companies as result of increasing public awareness and pressure.

It is hoped that the trend of disclosing carbon footprints would expand beyond the realms of media: from start-ups and established companies all the way through to local authorities, organisations of all shapes and sizes would make a habit of disclosing their carbon footprint on a regular basis.

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The clause

Additional Definitions

Carbon Footprint means the total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions attributable to all activities undertaken by the parties in connection with the production of this [Film/Video].

Formula means the Albert carbon calculator (

Green Disclosure means a statement disclosing the [Film/Video]’s Carbon Footprint, calculated in accordance with the Formula, in the form set out below:

“The production of this [film/video] resulted in a carbon footprint of [around] [insert] [kg/tonnes] of CO2e. That’s equivalent to [driving [insert]km in an average car].”

Additional Clauses


1.1. The Producer shall[, at its own cost,] calculate the Carbon Footprint using the Formula within [Insert] days following completion of production of the [Film/Video] in order to determine the Green Disclosure.

1.2. The Producer shall ensure that the Green Disclosure is inserted in the main titles of the [Film/Video] (whether appearing at the beginning or the end of the [Film/Video]) on all positive copies of the [Film/Video] made by or under the control of the Producer.

1.3. The Green Disclosure shall be in the same size (the term “size” meaning the height, width and thickness of the letters) and appear on the screen for the same duration as the credit accorded to the director of the [Film/Video].

1.4. The Producer shall use reasonable efforts to prevent the removal or alteration of the Green Disclosure in any version of the [Film/Video].

Glossary references: Carbon Footprint

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