Communications Resources

From basic explainers to detailed presentations, everything you need to explain The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) to your colleagues and peers.

Introductory videos and presentation

New to TCLP? Watch and share our Introducing Climate Clauses video (7 minutes) for an overview of the project and the resources available to you.

Want to learn more about net zero concepts and climate-aligned contract drafting? Watch and share our Understanding Net Zero video (30 minutes).

Download and use this introductory presentation. We recommend using this alongside this short explainer document.

Impact Updates & Reports

Read, download and share TCLP’s:

Case studies

Read, share and be inspired by our case studies of organisations using TCLP’s climate clauses to deliver on climate as well as value.

Media releases

Visit our ‘What’s new‘ page for rolling updates.

11 May 2022 – The Chancery Lane Project publishes new clauses for finance and built environment sectors

30 September 2021 – Lawyers given contract tools to tackle climate crisis today: The Chancery Lane Project releases its Net Zero Toolkit

3 September 2021 – The lawyers fighting the climate crisis with contracts: The Chancery Lane Project releases its 2021 Impact Report

22 April 2021 – Lawyers Unite to Fight Climate Change: 21 Additional Clauses Available Free of Charge

Podcast: Contracts for the Climate

Listen to and share Contracts for the Climate – the podcast where we introduce you to climate-friendly clauses and help you get them into your contracts.

TCLP Trainee Solicitor Starter Pack

This Trainee Solicitor Starter Pack gives you a step-by-step guide on how to engage with The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) as a trainee solicitor and bring your law firm along with you.

This template memorandum, which you can customise and share with relevant contacts at your firm, gives an introduction to TCLP and a summary of ways to get involved. 

Protect your business, and the planet!

If you are able to coordinate firm wide involvement with TCLP, please email to arrange a call.