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Climate Change Adaptation [Measures]

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Contracts definition

Climate Change Adaptation Measures means the measures taken by [organisation name] [and [name of supply chain partner]] to avoid or to benefit from the actual or anticipated effects of climate change [and to meet the climate change commitments requirements in the [environmental policy]].

Model laws definition

Climate Change Adaptation means the process of adjustment or preparation of natural or human systems to the actual or anticipated climate and its effects in a way that moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities.

Related terms

Adaptation science means scientific research that directly contributes to enabling adaptation.

Adaptive capacity means the potential of a system to adapt.

Adaptive management means a structured process of flexible decision-making that incorporates learning from outcomes and new scientific information to enable resource managers to manage and respond to climate change impacts.

Drafting notes


  • Adaptation of human systems: the construction of barriers to protect against rising sea tides.
  • Adaptation of natural systems: the protection of locations and/or climates that support isolated populations of a previously more widespread species to safeguard Biodiversity.  


National laws, supply chain clauses, organisation climate change policies, International agreements, planning documentation and finance documentation.

The definition of climate change adaptation measures may be used in contracts to help organisations with supply chains based in areas of the world that are vulnerable to climate change-induced extreme weather events, specify adaptation measures that supply chain partners can take to help protect vulnerable workers and to improve the resilience of the supply chain.