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Climate Change Mitigation [Measures]

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Definition 1

Climate Change Mitigation Measures means the measures taken or planned by the [Company OR Parties] [and [supply chain partner]] to reduce or remove their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions to meet the Net Zero Target.

Definition 2

Climate Change Mitigation Measures means technologies, processes or practices that contribute to Climate Change Mitigation, including:

(a) renewable energy ( RE ) technologies;

(b) waste minimisation processes;

(c) public transport commuting practices;

(d) Greenhouse Gas Emissions removal options;

(e) energy efficiency measures;

(f) dietary change;

(g) reforestation and afforestation; and

(h) other measures that serve to avoid an increase in or reduce either [Party’s] Scope 1, 2 or 3 Emissions.

Definition 3

Climate Change Mitigation means human intervention or efforts to reduce the sources of, enhance the sinks of, or remove Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Definition 4

Climate Change Mitigation Policies means measures taken and/ or mandated by a government, often in conjunction with business and industry, either within a single country or collectively with other countries, to accelerate climate change mitigation.

Drafting notes and guidance

Examples of mitigation measures include:

  • Designing buildings to use less fuel or electricity.
  • Making plans for new cities.
  • Improvements to a cook stove design.
  • Low-carbon transport such as creating high-tech subway systems or creating cycle paths and walkways.
  • Carbon capture and storage ( CCS ) technologies.

Examples of mitigation policies include:

  • Support mechanisms for renewable energy supplies.
  • Carbon or energy taxes.
  • Fuel efficiency standards for vehicles automobiles.

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If using the defined term Climate Change Mitigation in this option, use Option 3.

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