Glossary entry

Conservation Land


Conservation Land

Conservation Land means the land specified in [Appendix #], the Biodiversity of which must be conserved, preserved and protected or increased and improved in aggregate by the [Owner, Developer, Contractor, Promoter and any subsequent owners].

Drafting notes

This definition is based on that in Rory’s Clause [Net Zero Land Promotion Agreement].

The positive obligations of how the land should be dealt with and the required standard of protection should be contained in the operative clause. For an example, see Rory’s Clause.

This definition goes further than that in Rory’s Clause by adding obligations to increase or improve biodiversity. This wording is appropriate where the objective is rewilding (that is, returning land to its natural state).


This definition can be used where a designated piece of land is intended to be protected or returned to its natural state.

Development contracts, developments involving community owned land, developments involving protected/heritage land areas, public sector procurement contracts.