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Energy Savings

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Definition 1

Energy Savings means products or systems that use as little electricity, gas, or other forms of energy as possible.

Definition 2

Energy Savings means the amount of energy saved following implementation of energy efficient measures or practices.

Definition 3

Energy Savings means an amount of saved energy determined by measuring and/or estimating consumption before and after implementation of one or more energy efficiency improvement measures, whilst ensuring normalisation for external conditions that affect energy consumption.

Definition 4

Energy Savings means the amount of energy saved per annum and expressed in kilowatt hours ( kWh ) and that result from the [measures specified in Schedule [  ]].

Drafting notes and guidance

Option 1

Use this term as an adjective.

Option 2

Use this term as a noun.

Option 3

This option is taken from the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 (2012/27/EU) (as amended by Directive 2018 ((EU) 2018/2002)).Public procurement contracts, supply chain agreements, facilities management agreements, construction contracts.

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