Glossary entry

Gross Zero Target


Contracts definitions

Option 1

Gross Zero Target means the reduction of all [insert organisation’s name] emissions, to zero by [specified date].

Option 2 (as defined in Owen’s Clause)

Gross Zero Target means an absolute reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions from all operations [including value and supply chains] to zero by a specified date and for each subsequent year thereafter.

Model laws definition

Gross Zero Target means the reduction of all emissions, in all sectors to zero by [specified date].

Drafting notes

Most countries, cities, companies and other entities are setting Net Zero Targets rather than Gross Zero as these allow for emissions to the extent that they will be fully offset by Greenhouse Gas (GHG) removals often through natural carbon sinks such as forests. 

The Gross Zero Target date in the version of the definition for contracts should align with the relevant organisation’s target. This will vary, but for many organisations it will be 2050. 

For more information, see the Net Zero Target definition.


National climate laws, negative emissions technology (NET) project documents (e.g. a bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCs) or a direct air capture (DAC) project).