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Natural Capital

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Definition 1

Natural Capital means the elements of the natural environment [relevant to the Company/ Project/ Property] that provide valuable goods and services to [the Company/ Project/ residents/ community].

Definition 2

Natural Capital Asset means an individual or set of elements of the natural environment that provides valuable goods and services to [the Company/ Project/ Property]. [The relevant assets are listed in Annex [  ][, which will be updated [every year/ from time to time].]

Definition 3

Natural Capital Valuation means [insert method of valuation] used to measure the benefits derived from [Natural Capital/ Natural Capital Asset] relevant to [the Company/ Project/ Property].

Drafting notes and guidance

What is natural capital?

In general, natural capital refers to the world's stock of natural assets, which either:

  • directly provide goods and services to humans; or
  • indirectly support the wider economy and society.

Natural capital is one of the five types of capital:

  1. natural capital;
  2. manufactured capital (e.g. machinery and buildings);
  3. financial capital (e.g. shares and banknotes);
  4. human capital (e.g. knowledge and skills); and
  5. social capital (e.g. levels of trust and connections among people).

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