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Transition Plan


Transition Plan

Transition Plan means a plan to deliver the [Net Zero Target/ emissions reduction target], that includes:

(a) interim GHG emissions reduction targets that align with the goals of the Paris Agreement;

(b) short, medium and long-term actions to achieve the emissions reduction targets and a plan for how they will be financed;

(c) a strategy specifying the verified credits from a recognised offset provider that may be used by a Party to offset its Residual Emissions;

(d) governance and accountability mechanisms to support the plan, including annual reporting and linking executive remuneration to achieving the interim targets;

(e) measures to address risks to, and leverage opportunities for, stakeholders (such as workforce, supply chains, communities and customers) and the environment; and

(f) promoting a just transition to a low carbon economy.

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Drafting notes

This definition is in line with the recommendations of the UK’s Transition Plan Taskforce.


Supply chain clauses, national climate laws, green leases, investment agreements and corporate governance documents.