Climate contract database

Our founder, Matt Gingell, authored a white paper on how a climate contract database, a repository of contractual information about climate, supports the implementation and effectiveness of climate contracting. These are our key takeaways:

✅ Utilising a climate contract database allows you to benchmark your contractual terms against market standards, and encourages others to adopt similar climate actions through real-world examples of contractual commitments. This facilitates negotiation processes and nurtures a competitive spirit of climate responsibility.

✅ Corporate commitments lack transparency in disclosing actual contractual activities driving economies. Advocating for transparency in climate contracts addresses confidentiality, ensures accountability, and prevents greenwashing, fostering innovation and collaboration.

✅ A climate contract database identifies obstacles to sustainable practices, offering valuable insights for collective progress in decarbonisation. Data reveals which fields, sectors, and regions adapt rapidly to climate action, enabling targeted support and intervention to deliver decarbonisation. 

Read the white paper here.

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