TCLP’s contribution to American Bar Association book on supply chains

TCLP alumna, Jenni Ramos, wrote about the significance of using climate clauses in supply chain contracts in a book published by the American Bar Association: ‘Contracts for Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chains: Model Contract Clauses, Legal Analysis, and Practical Perspectives’ by Susan Maslow and David Snyder.  

In her chapter, Ramos sets out the key purpose of TCLP and how our work promotes responsible and sustainable supply chain management. She delves into current legislation and regulation in the area, noting the economic and reputational risks of failing to decarbonise supply chains. Finally, the chapter addresses the ‘business case’ for uptake of climate clauses and highlights the resources that support clause implementation. 

The book is a comprehensive guide to achieving responsible and sustainable supply chains that protect human rights and the environment. This is a necessary resource now that global attitudes and legislation are heading toward mandatory decarbonisation. 

Jenni Ramos makes an outstanding contribution to this important book, bringing TCLP’s work alive for a whole new audience.

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