Paolo's Clause

Repair or Refurbishment in Insurance Claims

A clause granting insurers the right to repair damaged goods or replace these with a refurbished alternative, removing the legal barriers that insurance policies typically place against this.

Nemo's Clause

Parametric Insurance Incentives for the Protection of Coral Reefs

A set of clauses to sit within a parametric insurance policy that incentivise insured parties to provide for the rapid restoration of coral reefs after catastrophic weather events.

Cassie's Clause

Insurance: Disclosure and Mitigation of Pending Climate Change Litigation

A clause ‘extending’ insurance policies to cover pending climate change litigation, on the condition that the policyholder discloses its net zero targets and climate risk exposure.

Archie's Clause

Insurance Premium Adjustment for D&O Climate-related Financial Disclosures

This clause incentivises companies to mitigate climate risk through a reduction in insurance premiums for policyholders who meet agreed disclosure standards regarding climate-related financial risks.

Charlotte's Clause

Green Dispute Reporting in After the Event Insurance Policies

A clause for insurance policies covering dispute costs and expenses (such as After The Event (ATE) Insurance policies) that requires the insured to conduct disputes in an environmentally friendly way.

Kitty's Clause

General Condition to Commercial Insurance Policies: Climate Change Risk Assessment

A clause requiring companies to carry out a climate change risk assessment, to be inserted into the General Conditions of corporate insurance policies across all lines of business.


Request climate information in due diligence questionnaires

Assess the climate performance of other organisations and how they will impact your transition plan
Griff's Clause

Template Board Paper for Significant Contracts/ Transactions

Template board papers with detailed prompts for considering the climate impacts of significant contracts and transactions and the associated climate risks to a business.

Marni's Clause

Report on Title – Climate Change Clauses

This clause proposes additions to standard reports on title to reflect the results of a climate search for the property.

Madhavi's Clause

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Net Zero Provisions for Construction or Development Agreements

Adapts sustainable practices and net zero aligned provisions from TCLP’s construction clauses for use in MMC contracts.

Millie's Clause

Incentives for Insured Parties to Disclose and Meet GHG Emissions Targets

This clause adapts Connor’s Clause to place additional disclosure obligations on the insured if it changes, meets or fails to meet its emissions reduction targets, linked to premium adjustments. 

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