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Target Boundaries

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Definition 1

Target Boundary means the following parameters [the Company] [will/ should] use when setting its [Net Zero Target/ emissions reduction target]:

(a) the [operational control/ financial control/ equity share] method will be used to determine [Company's] organisational boundary;

(b) near-term emissions reduction targets will cover at least [95%] of Company-wide Scope 1 and 2 Emissions and at least [67%] of Scope 3 Emissions;

(c) long-term emissions reduction targets will cover at least [95%] of Company-wide Scope 1 and 2 Emissions and at least [90%] of scope 3 emissions; and

(d) emissions reduction targets will cover all Greenhouse Gases.

Drafting notes and guidance

Companies should use the same boundaries when: (i) accounting for their current emissions; and (ii) setting net zero targets and emissions reduction targets.

See the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for an understanding of the different organisational boundary approaches.

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