Climate Change will affect everyone, everywhere and in every way.


The Why and the How?

The Why

Climate Change is the most important issue of the day. Its impact is already being felt, and as this increases, it will affect everyone in every country. We have [11] years left to make a real difference and stop irreversible damage. This is without qualification, proviso or condition. It is Fact!

No one organisation can solve the issue alone, the challenges are too big, complex and interconnected. However, we have a unique window between now and 2030 to make a difference. We have an opportunity to collaborate in order to change our perspectives, amplify our influence and transform systems to prevent climate breakdown.

We must create a context and the underlying conditions for communities and businesses to change. Laws, regulation and contracts can enable this using contracts in the short term and statute in the mid to long term. But to do so, this has to be a radical departure from business as usual. A new system and lens for looking at laws and contracts.

Help us shape the future.

The Problems?

Help us define the problems by submitting your ideas. What laws do you believe are holding back our transition to net zero carbon? Why are some businesses and organisations stuck in a cycle of short term decision making?

New Laws?

Here are a few suggestions for laws to inspire you to submit ideas. We need lawyers from all specialisms to contribute. Please submit your ideas for consideration and development at the Project Event Days.

  • Public Procurement Rules changed to focus on climate change mitigation rather than just best value

  • GDPR exemptions for data used to fight climate change

  • Distributable Reserve Calculations to take account of natural capital and carbon budgets

  • Investment Tax Reliefs only available for climate change mitigation

  • Tree Planting Incentives and Compulsory Tree Planting Orders

  • A new estate in land for Solar Rooftops

  • A new Unfair Contract Term of tying a customer into a non-green contract.

New Clauses?

Here are a few ideas to spark imaginative drafting suggestions. We will be co-creating clauses like these at the events and publishing them in our Climate Contract Playbook.

  • Termination provisions linked to changing to greener suppliers

  • Supply chain climate change/carbon/UN Sustainable Development Goal warranties

  • Tree planting as an alternate liquidated damages remedy

  • Re-wilding remedies in construction contracts

  • Contractors climate change obligations in JCT construction contracts

  • Third Party Rights clauses that don’t exclude the planet

  • Employment contracts with misconduct provisions linked to climate change behaviour

  • Force majeure clauses that encourage appropriate preparation and planning for extreme weather events


“Together as a Profession we can and must do more.”


Our impact objectives


T-Minus [11]

Our first year

We believe the Green Paper and Climate Contract Playbook created by the Project will be a valuable and important contribution to the fight against climate change. We plan to promote, track, measure and report on the output of the project to make sure we create change and demonstrate our impact.

In the first year our objectives and targets will be based on engaging the legal profession to get involved. Our year [11] targets are set out below. These will be updated and enhanced as the Project evolves.


Our year [11] Objecives


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